• CAM JOURNAL : Change Agent For Management Journal

    CAM JOURNAL: Change Agent For Management Journal. CAM Journal is a trigger for a change in STIE Muhammadiyah Tanjung Redeb asystem that is displayed in the form of a Scientific Work. hange Agent For Management Journal published by STIE Muhammadiyah Tanjung Redeb, which is published twice a year in April and October.The ISSN Journal Number for p-ISSN 2622-3856 and e-ISSN 2621-0975.The focus of this journal relates to any aspect of management, including the following topics: 1.Financial management, 2 Human Resource Managemen, 3.Marketing Management, 4.Operational Management, 5.Management of small and medium enterprises. For author interested in submitting the manuscript, kindly register yourself. The author guidelines can be viewed it here, and the manuscript template can be downloaded here Already have a Username / Password for CAM JOURNAL: Chage Agent For Management Journal, go to login page or you can go to Sign up page Here


    Online ISSN : 2621-0975
    Print ISSN : 2622-3856
  • Accountia Journal (Accounting Trusted, Inspiring, Authentic Journal)

    ACCOUNTIA Journal stands for Accounting, Trusted, Inspiring and Authentic Journal , managed by Accounting Study Program, STIE Muhammadiyah Tanjung Redeb. This journal is published 2 times a year on April and October. This journal is a scientific journal that presents original articles about the latest knowledge, research and development information in the field of accounting. The scopes of the study of this journal relates to any aspect of accounting, including but not limited to the topics; 1) Financial Accounting, 2) Public sector accounting, 3) Management Accounting, 4) Syari'ah Financial Accounting, 5) Auditing, 6) Accounting information system and 7.Accounting Behaviour. By October 2018, Accountia has published  printed (book) and  By April 2017 has published electronic (PDF) versions. Electronic articles are accessible openly on the web page: http://jurnal.stiemtanjungredeb.ac.id/index.php/accountia and printed versions are available for sale.



    Online ISSN : 2620-5335
    Print ISSN : 2622-8270
  • ECO-BUILD; Economy Bring Ultimate Information All About Development Journal

    ECO-BUILD is an abbreviation of the Economy Bring Ultimate Information All About Development Journal, which has a big theme, namely the Economy Brings Change in field of the development. ECOBUILD Journal is a collection of journals in Development Economics department. The journal published by STIEM tanjung Redeb Development Economics department which is published twice every year within April and October. The Journal ISSN Number for printed version is 2620-5416 and 2622-5336 for Online ISSN.

    This journal focuses on the study of economics and its application in public policy. Published articles focus on an in-depth review of existing economic theories and contain studies of applied economics, especially for public policy. The focus of this journal relates to any aspect of Development Economics Department. Including but not limited to the following topics:

    1. Economic Public

    2. International Economic

    3. Regional Economic

    4. Development Economic

    5. Agricultural economy

    Online ISSN : 2620-5416
    Print ISSN : 2622-5336